Purpose of radiator and coolant system

Your cooling system and radiator are critical to the life of your car’s engine. Coolant circulates while your engine is running to help regulate the temperature of your vehicle’s engine. Servicing your coolant system will prevent your engine from over-heating in the summer and freezing in the winter.

Why change fluid in coolant system?

Coolant (antifreeze) looses effectiveness over time. This can lead to overheating and other major damages if not replaced in accordance with your vehicles recommended service intervals.

Benefits of servicing Cooling system:

  • Helps prevent engine over-heating during hot weather and in slow moving traffic – especially with A/C in use
  • Helps prevent engine freezing in cold weather
  • Helps provide rust and corrosion protection to radiator cooling system components
  • Helps extend life of engine and cooling system components

How Often to Perform a Radiator Flush & Fill

In accordance with your vehicles recommended service intervals which can be found in your owner’s manual, or by visiting any one of our oil change centers.

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